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Baby Toddler Snuggle Blanket with Sleeves - Grey Stars
Kids Snuggle Blankets

Baby Toddler Snuggle Blanket with Sleeves - Grey Stars

warmies warm hugs - monkey
Warmies Heated Toys

Warmies Heatable Warm Hugs - Monkeys

TOZIES Baby and Toddler Slippers have soft grippy neoprene soles to help keep kids safe when walking, especially on wooden and laminate flooring. They are made with soft fleece fabric and are lightweight, flexible and very comfy ... something kids love!

Our Snuggle Blankets have sleeves and have been designed for babies and toddlers when out and about in pushchairs and car seats. Fitting over harnesses makes them quick and easy to put on and take off according to the weather. Kids can have fun and play with their toys or the ribbon tags around the front pocket. A safe alternative to jackets being worn in car seats.

COZIE wheat bags are microwave heated are great for giving Natural Pain Relief to sore and aching muscles and are also excellent for keeping you warm on chilly days. Available unscented or with lavender.

Warmies microwavable cuddly toys are now in stock. They are the cutest toys to date - why not have a peep and see!

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