About Us
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We are a small family business which has been trading for over 20 years.   We specialise in designing and making products which are both practical and fun! 

Due to our frustration in trying to keep shoes on our own baby, we designed a range of baby and toddler slippers (TOZIES) which stay on.  They are soft and flexible and have super non slip neoprene soles to give confidence when learning to walk and keeps toddlers safe on slippery floors.  The range fits 0-4 years. 

Our Snuggle Blankets have sleeves to allow kids to play with their toys whilst out and about in their pushchairs or car seats.  They fit over harnesses, making it quick and easy to pop on and off .. especially useful with our unsettled weather.

The range of microwavable Wheat Bags are great for soothing everyday aches and pains and offering natural pain relief when needed.  They also warm you up quickly, relieve stress and keep you warm and snug if you feel the cold.  Available unscented or with lavender.

We couldn’t resist buying in The Warmies Heated Toys!   They make wonderful presents for adults and kids alike … we love them!

If you have any special requests, we will always try to help - please phone 01525 718097
Heather and Julie Ball